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Acikill Acidity

Acidity is a very common ailment now days and if not taken care of it can lead to serious repercussions. It is caused because of wrong diet and excessive secretion of hydrochloric acid leads to acidity. Acidity for a prolonged period of time can lead to arthritis, ulcers, gout, angina pain and chronic indigestion. Proper medication is required at the right time to treat it. Herbal medications can help in curing acidity.

Hashmi Acikill is a natural digestive stimulant which improves digestion of food through its enzyme stimulating and bile secretion actions. It improves assimilation of nutrients and releases gas trapped in the gut in a natural manner*.

This herbal medication is useful in treatment of acidity, constipation, indigestion, belching, heartburn and flatulence. It prevents excessive secretion of acid from the stomach*. It also helps in repairing damaged tissues in the stomach and esophagus*.

It has been found out to treat stomach disorders in a natural manner. It leads to acid neutralizing effect on the stomach lining and soothens it.

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*DISCLAIMER:- Results may vary from person to person.


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