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Hashmi Babytone

Male infertility tends to be a problematic situation for men. There can be various factors behind it such as genetic, chromosome defect, lack of sperms in semen, metal exposure, undescended testicles etc. It prevents a man from becoming a proud parent. Other factors behind infertility are stress, lack of exercise, smoking and drinking and weight issues.

The men starts feeling frustrated and helpless since he feels that there is major problem inside him and he is not able to bear a child.

Hashmi Babytone is an infertility supplement from the house of Hashmi. It is backed by years of research from Unani text and scriptures. It is effective in improving motility of sperms and treats low sperm count problem which leads to infertility in males*.

Hashmi Babytone is infertility supplement made using natural ingredients. It has been responsible for smiling couples across the world and has enabled them to become proud parents in a natural manner*.

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*DISCLAIMER:- Results may vary from person to person.


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