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Hashmi Viagreen

Hashmi Viagreen is a natural nightfall product for man. It is a natural supplement for treating andropause in men. It boosts your self confidence and esteem so that you can satisfy your partner completely*. It is one of the largest selling nightfall treatment products*.

Hashmi Viagreen is one of the best products for nightfall. It improves confidence in males as its anthropogenic properties lessen anxiety related to performance*.

It awakens your senses and brings your youth back to you. The aphrodisiac herbs act on your body and bring the real man inside you so that you can give intense happiness and satisfaction to your woman.

Prepared using organic herbs, Viagreen is one of the top selling herbal solutions for male stamina and help him last in bed for a longer period of time.

It improves blood circulation which dilates blood vessels leading to bigger and harder erections*. This is a GMP certified product. This proven product has been created by taking references from Unani text along with modern technology to create a natural product for males.

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  • Balanced Diet

Opt for a healthy and balanced diet. Incorporate food which is known to improve sexual stamina in males. Go for natural foods and vegetables as they are rich in vitamins and minerals and help in boosting libido. Avoid junk food as it hampers the functioning of your genitals.

  • Kegel Muscle Workout

Kegel is a simple exercise for controlling PC muscle which controls ejaculation reflexes. It should be performed on a regular basis and it helps in correcting problem related to premature ejaculation in a natural manner.

  • Natural Sex Technique

Slowly insert your penis in the vagina of woman. The technique is to keep it there without stroking and only move your hips in a circular motion. If you stay deeper, you will experience less friction and it will help you get better control over your ejaculation. It also leads to stimulation of the clitoris which is enjoyed by woman.

  • Breathing

Deep breathing helps in treating body tension and anxiety during sexual activity. While having sex, take slow deep breaths and concentrate on your breathing pattern. Keep it natural and this will help in improving your sex experience.

  • Delay Orgasm

Orgasm can be delayed when you alternate between shallow and deep strokes and slow and quick thrusts. This will not only help in delaying orgasm but also increase enjoyment for your partner.


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